Therapy Costs




BCS Inc. currently accepts patients with Tricare and Aetna insurances. Although we bill the companies directly, you may be responsibile for a co-pay depending upon your plan's benefits. Please check with your insurance company and individual coverage plan for eligibility to use us as a non-network provider. 


**Prior authorizations are required for all services that will be covered by insurance. 



Rates and Fees:

Home Program Development:

Program development entails a full evaluation (Functional Behavior Assessment, Skills Assessments, etc.) of the client, development of goals, development of objectives and teaching strategies and initial team and family training.  All programs are developed by certified behavior analysts.


On-site Consultation:

For new or established clients who wish to have a consultation on a specific issue or for ongoing supervision and training for home programs either designed by us or another consultant. 


Team Meetings:

Team meetings are meant to enhance collaboration among program consultants, therapists/tutors, and family members.  As team members are not usually in the same place at the same time, this communication could be invaluable.  One team meeting/supervision is required per month for most insurance carriers.


Family Training:

Family training will work under the direct supervision of a consultant to train families, babysitters, or other significant people in the client’s life.  The family trainer will provide training on the program, model and train specific procedures, and give guidance to program maintenance, etc.


Direct Teaching (Program Consultant or ABA therapist):

In home, direct teaching of client based on program that has been developed.


Report Preparation:

Any reports requested by you or your insurance companies, attorneys, other agencies, etc., which are above and beyond the typically required therapy paperwork will be billed.  Any costs incurred at this time will also be billed (e.g., postage, paper, etc.).



Email and Telephone Consultation: 

Service can include phone calls/consultations and e-mail consultation. Please contact your insurance company regarding how many hours of services will be covered. Any email (includes time to review and respond) or telephone call that goes beyond 10 minutes will be charged to the client.



Attending meetings to advocate or offer suggestions to outside agencies

·       IEP meetings

·       Doctor appointments

·       Meetings with other service providers  


Airfare/Hotel Accommodations/Per diem/Car rental:  Payment for airfare, hotel, per diem expenses, and car rental will be added to your monthly bill for services.



Payment Policy

BCS bills all services to the half hour (30 minute increment). If BCS cannot bill the insurance company directly, an invoice will be generated and emailed to you at the end of each month for services delivered during that month’s time. Insurance companies generally will pay some or all of the expenses related to home program development and general consultation. Please check with your insurance carrier to see if services are covered. Some insurance companies do not cover report filing, program development, and/or team meetings.  If you owe a co-payment for services, this will be billed to you at the end of the month. Please ask about automatic payments using your credit card. BCS will accept payment in the form of checks, cash, or credit cards.

Applied Behavior Analysis Consulting and Therapy Services Rates and Fees:


All services will be charged at a flat hourly rate for the two different position titles listed below:


Program Consultant (BCBA): $125/hour   (BCaBA): $75/hour    ABA Therapist: $50/hour