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The following testimonials were solicited from former BCS clients receiving between 5-15 hours per week of direct ABA services from BCS and comply with BACB ethical compliance code 8.05, Testimonials and Advertising, of The Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts published in 2018.


Seeing my 2 year old son start to regress was the most heart wrenching and frightening experience of my life! But through the hard work and dedication of BCS therapists and the early response of the entire BCS staff my son is making amazing progress!  I am forever grateful to this amazing team of people that is dedicated to helping those with autism!

-C.’s Mom


Our son had “gaps” in navigating learning & social elements as many others who struggle with Autism have, and he was failing in the public school system.  Jenn answered my first phone call with professionalism while I was met with answering machines and no returned calls at every other number.  BCS began mentoring my son in HOW to learn before they could support his educational process, and in the end we moved to a half-day home-school situation.  Our son is now graduating from High School with A-grades, taking his final exams on his own. I am eternally grateful for the fun and laughter we experienced with BCS at every turn along our journey.

-Grateful Parent


My boys were with Behavioral Consulting Services for over six years. The staff at BCS are the sharpest and most personable in their field. Jennifer Smith consistently provides the highest quality of work, and the entire staff's personal attention to individual needs and goals, and their dedication to making a positive difference each and every day, are the reasons for remaining a faithful client for so long.  



Jenn is very quick to respond to all of our school issues. She attends IEP and behavior plan meetings and helps to advocate on my son's behalf.  She's always been there when we needed her! We loved the summer camp. My 9 year old son was able to participate in fun social activities in an accepting environment - something that isn't always possible at other camps.

-C's Mom


My son was a client of Jennifer Smith and her team since 2008. When he started ABA therapy, he was a frustrated, non-verbal 2.5 year old. Today, he is an extremely verbal, fully mainstreamed 5th grader who is active in church, cub scouts, and sports. I firmly believe that the caring, qualified therapists at BCS played a key role in his progress and continue to challenge him to excel. The staff at BCS are a pleasure to work with.  I admire their compassion and dedication, and look forward to our continued relationship.

-M.'s Mom

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