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Additional Services


Perhaps you are in need of a specific service that utilizes an ABA approach, however, you do not need an entire ABA program. Please see below a list of services we provide on an individual basis:



•  IEP Development and Assistance: Our consultants will review draft IEPs, make recommendations, and attend IEP meetings on your behalf.  



•  Intensive Potty Training: For children who meet the signs of toileting readiness, therapists and consultants assist parents in an intensive potty training in their home.



•  Community Training: Do you have a difficult time taking your child to the grocery store? Or attending church events? We can develop a plan to assist your family member to be successful in community environments. 



•  In-School Consultations: Does your child’s team of teachers need input from a behavior specialist? We can provide observations of your child and recommendations to assist your child’s team in maximizing school time success. 



•  Behavior Assessments and Intervention Plans: Is your child aggressive, self-injurious, or defiant? We can assess your child’s behavior, identify the underlying function, and develop a plan to teach replacement behaviors. 



•  Job Skills Training: Does your older child need assistance in establishing success in a vocational setting? We can analyze their behavior and work environment, making recommendations that promote success.



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