A compassionate approach

towards meaningful change.




Our History

Behavioral Consulting Services was established in 2008 with the intention of offering clients a unique, personal, and quality approach to in-home therapy. Never wanting to sacrifice the personal touch that we provide, we maintain a "small practice" approach no matter how many clients we serve. A smaller caseload allows the company to fulfill its vision of client-centered, responsive care and services.  


Our Partnership

Creating a partnership with families is essential to making the most meaningful changes possible. BCS acknowledges and respects that parents and family members know a child's unique needs and potential beyond what we can initially assess. We rely on your expertise to develop programs that will have the most significant impact on your family's life.


Research shows that high levels of parent involvement helps to generalize skills to the natural environment. With continuous meetings and ongoing follow-up, we continue to consult with you to assure that we are meeting the goals we set together. We empower the families we serve by providing ongoing training and support to consistently implement our programs with confidence.