How do I start services?


Starting services with BCS is an easy, straight-forward process. Have you recently gotten a diagnosis for your child or perhaps you are relocating and need to find a new provider? Our owner will guide you through the intake process, simplifying steps, getting you the therapy you need for your loved one as quickly as possible. After a brief telephone conversation, we will establish a timeline for your initial consultation (intake) and when therapy services may begin. Depending on your family's own unique scheduling needs, you may or may not be able to start services immediately.

Do you have a waitlist?


We provide each family with a unique, highly specialized ABA program curriculum, and take the time to train each new family on implementation of the therapy goals. Because of the amount of effort that goes into the quality of therapy you receive, you may be required to be placed on a wait list. This allows all clients to receive the same high level of attention and effort from our team of consultants. If necessary, we will instruct you to fill out our wait list form online. This will secure you a spot for services with BCS in the near future. You can find our waitlist form here.

Where are you located?


We are located in Occoquan, Virginia.  For more information on our location or to contact us, visit our Contact Us Page

Who can get services?


We serve clients ranging from one to twenty-five.  For more information on our services visit our Overview of Therapy, Social Skills Group and Camps or Other Services pages.

What is ABA and what is it used for?


Interested in finding out a little more information about ABA visit our About ABA page and  Overview of Therapy pages.

What services do you provide?


For a complete list of our services visit: Overview of Therapy, Social Skills Groups & Camps, Private Assessments, or Other Services.

What insurances do you accept? What are your rates?


For more information on insurances we accept as well as payment visit our Therapy Costs Page.

What is the intake process?


Whether you are signing up for social groups, purchasing one of our a la carte assessment services, or you are interested in starting a full home therapy program, an intake is required. An intake, or initial consultation, is a chance for you to meet with one of our program consultants and establish your needs for services with BCS. If your desire is to begin a home therapy program, the program consultant will ask you questions regarding your child, and develop a plan for assessment. Assessments will also be required for social group attendance. After the assessment is performed, a program curriculum or social group goals will be created, and a schedule established. 

Still have a Question?


Here at BCS customer service is our top priority, do you have a question and can't find the information on our website please fill out a Contact us form here or give us a call!